Our Terminal

Passenger train traveling

NOCE AB has a terminal in Helsingborg

Located close to the Skåne regions southern logistical gateway of Öresundsbro/Malmö, we are well positioned to handle good coming via the European rail network into Sweden .

NOCE’s experienced personnel use efficient goods handling procedures and modern equipment in a time conscious manner, optimized for cross docking operations. This allows direct loading from train to truck - ensuring the most effective possible delivery time. Goods that must adhere to strict delivery time windows can be hosted in the warehouse facility for an interim period if necessary.

Thanks to our unique business model, NOCE’s terminal in Helsingborg services an annual quantity of goods to the region, that would otherwise require in excess of 4500 road transport vehicles. With obvious positive effects to the environment, for traffic congestion and a sustainable solution your company’s logistical efficiency.

Drone view of a distribution warehouse

Simply put; NOCE... logistics in a nutshell.

NOCE: logistic specialists, project management and customer service providers - devoted to delivering competitive solutions to all our clients.

If you are interested in having a price estimate, feel free to submit your inquiries to us via inquiry form.

Cars on highway aerial view

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