In 2014, NOCE AB has established its new terminal in Kapplöpningsgatan 22, 25230 Helsingborg, Sweden.

The terminal receives the train cars from two rail tracks. Weather sensitive goods are unloaded either covered or indoors to protect them from the weather. Thanks to the efficient handling of goods as well as modern equipment it can work as a terminal for cross docking operations. This allows to load directly from a train to a truck for a fast delivery. The goods that have to be delivered within agreed time windows are instead hosted temporarily indoors. Also, if cold storage is needed the goods can be hosted in one of our four refrigerated storage areas.

Thanks to the work of our own trained staff, our terminal can service a quantity of goods per month that would otherwise require from 300 to 500 trucks to be transported, with obvious excellent effects for the environment and for your budget efficiency.​